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Interviews featuring Tom on BBC Radio.

Active lessons improve learning and promote a healthy lifestyle

How do ants avoid traffic jams?

How are humans affecting bird populations in the UK?

How long is a lightning bolt?

How many worms are there on Earth?

‘Super-deep’ diamonds reveal clues to life on early Earth

Where do camels come from?

Caterpillars see using their skin

3 Scientific Studies of Penalty Kicks

Reducing Ocean Pollution using Maths


Are Humans faster than Clouds?





Ignorance Amnesty: Rubik’s Cube




Arithmophobia – the fear of maths



Why does rain smell so good?

Do numbers go on forever?

BBC Cambridgeshire Interview

My favourite science story of 2017

‘Oumuamua asteroid from another solar system

Energy drinks may harm teenagers brains

Can money buy you happiness?

Why can’t you tickle yourself?

Conservation in Botanic Gardens

Fixing Smoky Wine with Science

Food for thought…

Shocking Behaviour of Electric Eels

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arcsin

Our Hairy Insides

Animal Speed Limits

BBC Radio 4: Maryam Mirzakhani – a Genius of Maths

Maths Helps Decision-making

The Science of the Penalty Kick

The Game of Life

Number Crunching T-Rex

Sub-2 Hour Marathon in Numbers

Holiday Heart Syndrome

Bees – Nature’s Mathematicians

Climate Change and Turbulence

Sport v Science

New Maths Discoveries

Decimal System

Teaching Maths

Platonic Solids


Maths on the Street

Abacus v Calculator

Sine and Cosine

Times tables

What is Pi?

Horse Racing

Binary Numbers

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