Fluid Dynamics

All videos produced by Tom for the Journal of Fluid Mechanics (JFM), the UK Fluids Network (UKFN) and in collaboration with FYFD.

Using Maths to Solve Climate Change

The Most Incredible Experiment Videos

Wave-Particle Duality and Superwalking Droplets

Crystal Critters – salt structures that come to life

The Physics of Cotton Candy (Candy Floss)

Bouncing Water Droplets and the ‘Reverse Crown

F**K YEAH Fluid Dynamics

Amazing Fluid Dynamics Experiments

Physics of Glaciers (lesson on a glacier)

Ventilation and COVID-19: Published Research from the University of Cambridge

How do Sperm Swim?

How do Birds Fly in Strong Winds?

How Do Snakes Catch Their Prey Underwater?

How do Cloaking Devices Work?

Simulations of Mixing Fluids

Underwater Robots based on the Loch Ness Monster

How is Toothpaste made?

Spike Waves, Rogue Waves and Hokusai’s Great Wave off Kanagawa

Smelling Underwater with the Star-Nosed Mole

How do Termite Mounds stay cool in the Desert?

How do Jellyfish Sting?

How do Stinging Nettles Inject Poison?

Tracking Beetles using the Sound of their Wings

How does Sea Ice affect Climate Change?

Fire and Ice: Burning Oil in the Polar Regions

Listening to Tornadoes to increase warning times and save lives

Airflow around a Yacht Sail

How to Reduce Drag when Cycling

Why does shaking your head NOT remove water from your ear?

Stopping the spread of oil pollution using Maths

Building Squid Robots for Ocean Exploration

How do bees carry pollen?

Building bio-inspired vehicles to explore Mars

Simulating turbulence over canopies to improve air quality

How do dandelions spread their seeds?

How do citrus fruits create such a strong smell?

Levitating Objects on an Air Table

How do Insects Walk on Water?

How do Bubbles Freeze?

How Strong is an Avalanche?

Brazil Nut Effect in Avalanches and Cereal

Martin Fourcade: the Science behind the Olympic Biathlon Skiing Champion

How to Make Water Music – Slap, Plunge, Plow!

Vortex Ring Collisions and Transition to Turbulence

How does Stone Skipping work?

Air Pollution Risk of Cooking Oil Droplets

How Plesiosaurs Ruled the Ocean using their Flippers