Videos made by or featuring Tom that don’t fit anywhere else…

Mathematician Learns Guitar with Mike Boyd

Twos-Day Tuesday: 22 Slices of Pizza with Six Cuts

AMC 12 Cube Colouring Question

Mathematically Calculating Your Carbon Footprint

Math Love Song: Love Triangle

Maths Stand-up Comedy Show

Running from Cambridge to Oxford: 127 km in 13 hours

Platonic Solids Tattoo – Full Recording on GoPro

24 Hour Maths Magic Show – Dice Tricks and Euler’s Number with Ben Sparks

Mandelbulb Trailer

MegaFavNumbers: Planck Length (aka the smallest distance in the universe)

Millennium Maths Problems Explained in 90 Seconds

School of Hard Sums

School of Hard Sums II

Koch Snowflake

Pi Day