Videos made by interns working with Tom at Tom Rocks Maths HQ in Oxford.

Amie Campbell: Seat Reservation Puzzle Solution

Max Cairney-Leeming: How to 3D Print a Fractal (Sierpinski Arrowhead Curve)

Kira Miller: Maths at the Movies (Avengers Endgame, The Fault in Our Stars, Mean Girls)

Beth Thomas: What shapes can you draw without taking your pen off the paper? (Euler’s Theorem in Graph Theory)

Cass Baumberg: Optimisation applied to Skeletons, Climbing and Rowing

Joe Deakin: Making a Mechanical Sine Wave Machine in Lockdown

Arnav Dewan: Creative Thinking in Science with Robbert Dijkgraaf

Kai Laddiman: Perfect Numbers and Mersenne Primes

Kai Laddiman: Countdown Youngest Winner

Joe Double: Why do Bees Build Hexagons? Honeycomb Conjecture explained by Thomas Hales

Joe Double: Would Alien (Non-Euclidean) Geometry Break Our Brains?