A list of events at which Tom will be speaking or has spoken at in the past. If you would like Tom to speak at an event you are organising please get in touch via the contact page.


Maths in Action, University of Warwick, 15th November 2017

Maths v Sport: How do you take the perfect penalty kick? Where is the best place in the world to attempt a world record? What is the limit of human endurance? Maths has all of the answers and I’ll be telling you how you can use it to be better at sport… (results may vary).

Bridgewater High School Awards Evening, Warrington, 16th November 2017

APS DFD Conference 2017, Denver, USA, 19-21 November 2017


JFM Symposia: From Fundamentals to Applied Fluid Mechanics Mumbai, India, 11-12 December 2017

JFM Symposia: From Fundamentals to Applied Fluid Mechanics, Bengaluru, India, 13-14 December 2017

JFM Symposia: From Fundamentals to Applied Fluid Mechanics, Chennai, India, 14-15 December 2017

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Wad-HAM Outreach Programme, Newham and Tower Hamlets, 31st January 2017

Wadham Luton Outreach Programme, Lea Manor High School, 14th March 2017


Past events

The Archimedeans, University of Cambridge, 3rd November 2017

Maths and the Media: Tom will talk about his recent conversion from maths researcher to maths communicator, as well as discussing the most successful ways to present scientific subjects to the media. He will provide examples of some of his work with the Naked Scientists, the BBC and from his own YouTube channel and social media pages.


St John’s College Inspire Programme, Bentley Wood High School, 18th October 2017

St John’s College Inspire Programme, Acton High School, 17th October 2017 

Blue Bridge Education, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge, 24-25 July 2017

Isaac Newton Institute 25th Anniversary Event, University of Cambridge, 20 July 2017

Hills Fest, Hills Road College, Cambridge, 4th July 2017

Naked Maths: Tom Crawford is a Naked Mathematician who can be found talking all things maths on BBC Radio and YouTube. His talk will show-off some of his work: from rooting around in beehives to find out why they make hexagon-shaped honeycomb to having the most beautiful shapes in nature – the Platonic Solids – tattooed on his body. He will show that maths is not only all around us, it’s also VERY entertaining.

GKB Lab Lunch Seminar, University of Cambridge, 30th June 2017

Alumni in Industry, University of Cambridge, 16th June 2017

Producer/Presenter: My role at the Naked Scientists consists of two main parts. Firstly, helping out with the weekly radio show and podcast bringing breaking science news to the general public on BBC Radio 5 Live and ABC Australia and secondly, producing and presenting a new weekly video series entitled ‘Naked Maths’ which aims to bring maths to life with interesting examples, puzzles and activities.

SIAM-IMA Annual Conference, University of Cambridge, 3rd May 2017

Maths for Money: After studying maths at university you might decide that you want to earn some actual money and as a result enter into the ‘real-world’ of industry. Contrary to popular belief, however, this does not mean that you can’t continue doing maths as part of your role. From modelling the temperature changes in Lewis Hamilton’s tyres to helping the RAF budget for a new kitchen, I will present employees talking about the maths they are doing everyday as part of their role. Plus, I’ll tell you how I’m using my PhD to help to make maths more fun for everyone – videos, interviews and demonstrations included.

IMA Mathematics 2017, London, 23rd March 2017

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