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Making Waves in the Lab


Batchelor Prize 2020: Lex Smits Interview


Batchelor Prize 2020


How Plesiosaurs Ruled the Ocean using their Flippers


Making Waves in the World of Renewable Energy


CO2 beneath our feet

CO2 beneath our feet

Nanofibres in a Spin

nanofibre twitter banner.png

Sediment-water Interface: a Barrier to Coastal Management

SWI twitter - jfm blog entry

Detlef Lohse awarded APS 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize


Building Cleaner Diesel Engines

Building cleaner diesel engines.png

Managing Avalanche Risk

Managing avalanche risk

Understanding Vortex Reconnection

JFM -Vortex Reconnection

Nature’s guide to building submarines

JFM - Nature's submarines

How do birds fly?

JFM - how do birds fly