Tom Rocks Maths S02 E03

Season 2 of Tom Rocks Maths on Oxide Radio continues with maths and rock aplenty as we delve into the quantum realm to uncover the third Millennium Problem worth a cool $1 million… Plus the usual puzzle, fun facts about numbers you didn’t realise you’ve secretly always wanted to know, and brilliant music from Blink 182, My Chemical Romance and Asking Alexandria. This is maths, but not as you know it.

Image credit: Cath Ennis

Tom Rocks Maths Episode 06

Tom Rocks Maths is back on Oxide Radio with episode number 6! Featuring space travel, illegal numbers and the four (or should that be six?) Horsemen of the Apocalypse… Plus, music from Linkin Park, Four Year Strong and American Hi-Fi. This is maths, but not as you know it…

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