Tom Rocks Maths S02 E02

The second episode of season 2 of Tom Rocks Maths on Oxide Radio – Oxford University’s student radio station. Featuring the numbers behind the sub 2-hour marathon world record attempt, P versus NP and the battle for control of the world, and the usual dose of Funbers with my super sweet 16. Plus, music from Blink 182, Billy Talent and Hollywood Undead. This is maths, but not as you know it…

Funbers 16

My super sweet 16! As well as being possibly one of the best (or worst) television shows ever created, sixteen is the age where you can start to do some of the more ‘fun’ things in life… It’s also used in computing to define the RGB colour system and is the average number of hours a human being spends awake per day.

You can listen to all of the Funbers episodes from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and BBC Radio Oxford here.

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