I Love Mathematics

A series of videos in partnership with ‘I Love Mathematics’ answering the questions sent in and voted for by YOU! Send me any questions that you have using the contact form, or on message me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @tomrocksmaths.

Intro: I Love Mathematics

Q1: What is the probability that I have the same PIN as someone else?

Q2: How long would it take for an object to sink to the bottom of the ocean?

Q3: What is the gravitational field of a hollow Earth?

Q4: What is the best way to win at the board game Monopoly?

Q5: What are the most basic Mathematical Axioms?

Q6: How does Modular Arithmetic work?

Q7: What is the Gamma Function?

Q8: How many ping pong balls would it take to lift the Titanic from the ocean floor?

Q9: What is the graph of x to the power x?

Q10: How can you show geometrically that 3 < π < 4?