Oxford Calculus

Videos made by Tom teaching the University of Oxford Calculus course.

Oxford Calculus: Fourier Series Derivation

Oxford Calculus: How to Solve the Heat Equation

Oxford Calculus: Separable Solutions to PDEs

Oxford Calculus: Heat Equation Derivation

Oxford Calculus: Taylor’s Theorem Explained with Examples and Derivation

Oxford University Admissions Interview Question: What is the optimal size for a tin of cat food?

M.I.T. Integration Bee Question

Oxford Calculus: Solving Homogeneous First Order Differential Equations

Oxford Calculus: Separation of Variables Integration Technique Explained with Examples

Oxford Calculus: Jacobians Explained

Oxford Calculus: Solving Simple PDEs

Oxford Calculus: Integrating Factors Explained

Oxford Mathematics Open Day 2021: Differential Equations

Christmas Calculus: Plotting 3D Graphs and Divergence Calculation

Oxford Calculus: Partial Differentiation Explained with Examples

Finding Critical Points for Functions of Two Variables

Oxford Calculus: Classifying 2D Critical Points using the Discriminant