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Articles and videos produced by Tom for the Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

JFM China Symposia: Beijing Blog


JFM/FYFD Collobaration: Underwater Snakes, Gusty Flying and Microswimmers

JFM China Symposia: Hangzhou Blog


JFM China Symposia: Shenzhen Blog


JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Dinosaurs, Propellers, and Hiding Objects

JFM China Symposia: Beijing Highlights


JFM China Symposia: Hangzhou Highlights


JFM Symposia China: Shenzhen Highlights


JFM Symposia: Chennai Documentary 

JFM Symposia: Lab Tours

JFM Symposia: Bangalore Documentary

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bioinspiration, Underwater Sniffing and Mixing Toothpaste

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Flying Beetles, Stinging Nettles and Jellyfish

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Getting Water Out of Your Ears, Cycling in Echelons and Sailing Physics

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Tornadoes, Fire and Ice

CO2 beneath our feet

CO2 beneath our feet

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Martian Bees, Canopies and Dandelion Seeds

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bees, Squid and Oil Plumes

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bouncing, Floating and Jetting

JFM Symposium: Chennai


JFM Symposium: Mumbai


JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Skiing, Avalanches and Freezing Bubbles

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Gallery of Fluid Motion

JFM Symposium: Bangalore


Nanofibres in a Spin

nanofibre twitter banner.png

Sediment-water Interface: a Barrier to Coastal Management

SWI twitter - jfm blog entry

Detlef Lohse awarded APS 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize


Building Cleaner Diesel Engines

Building cleaner diesel engines.png

Managing Avalanche Risk

Managing avalanche risk

Understanding Vortex Reconnection

JFM -Vortex Reconnection

Nature’s guide to building submarines

JFM - Nature's submarines

How do birds fly?

JFM - how do birds fly

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