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Cleaning up Oils Spills using Maths

Building Squid and Octopus Robots for Underwater Exploration

How do bees carry pollen?

Building bio-inspired vehicles to explore Mars

Simulating turbulence over canopies to improve air quality

How do dandelions spread their seeds?

How do citrus fruits create such a strong smell?

Levitating Objects on an Air Table

How do Insects Walk on Water?

How do Bubbles Freeze?

How Strong is an Avalanche?

Brazil Nut Effect in Avalanches and Cereal

Martin Fourcade: the Science behind the Olympic Biathlon Skiing Champion

How to Make Water Music – Slap, Plunge, Plow!

Vortex Ring Collisions and Transition to Turbulence

How does stone skipping work?

Batchelor Prize 2020


Air Pollution Risk of Cooking Oil Droplets

How Plesiosaurs Ruled the Ocean using their Flippers


Making Waves in the World of Renewable Energy


JFM China Symposia: Beijing Blog


JFM/FYFD Collobaration: Underwater Snakes, Gusty Flying and Microswimmers

JFM China Symposia: Hangzhou Blog


JFM China Symposia: Shenzhen Blog


JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Dinosaurs, Propellers, and Hiding Objects

JFM China Symposia: Beijing Highlights




































































JFM China Symposia: Hangzhou Highlights




































































JFM Symposia China: Shenzhen Highlights




































































JFM Symposia: Chennai Documentary

JFM Symposia: Lab Tours

JFM Symposia: Bangalore Documentary

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bioinspiration, Underwater Sniffing and Mixing Toothpaste

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Flying Beetles, Stinging Nettles and Jellyfish

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Getting Water Out of Your Ears, Cycling in Echelons and Sailing Physics

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Tornadoes, Fire and Ice

CO2 beneath our feet

CO2 beneath our feet

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Martian Bees, Canopies and Dandelion Seeds

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bees, Squid and Oil Plumes

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Bouncing, Floating and Jetting

JFM Symposium: Chennai


JFM Symposium: Mumbai


JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Skiing, Avalanches and Freezing Bubbles

JFM/FYFD Collaboration: Gallery of Fluid Motion

JFM Symposium: Bangalore


Nanofibres in a Spin

nanofibre twitter banner.png

Sediment-water Interface: a Barrier to Coastal Management

SWI twitter - jfm blog entry

Detlef Lohse awarded APS 2017 Fluid Dynamics Prize


Building Cleaner Diesel Engines

Building cleaner diesel engines.png

Managing Avalanche Risk

Managing avalanche risk

Understanding Vortex Reconnection

JFM -Vortex Reconnection

Nature’s guide to building submarines

JFM - Nature's submarines

How do birds fly?

JFM - how do birds fly

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