Tom Rocks Maths – A Poem

Clare Donnison

Tom rocks maths, Tom plots graphs! Tom makes Maths exciting
Want to find out about him and see what I mean?
It’s not hard to find him, he’s like the electron
Simultaneously everywhere or is he a meme?

You’ll find him on Twitter; you’ll find him on Facebook
On Instagram, YouTube – the tide of Maths flows
He must have discovered another dimension
For time to expand and pack Maths in – who knows?

Maths with Tom is a blast, it’s an infinite party
He’ll explain, entertain – guaranteed to float your boat
Fast flowing, dynamic – like rivers he’s studied
With ping pong balls he’ll get the Titanic afloat

He’s got stories to tell, though not ‘up his sleeve’
Instead they’re all stored as tattoos on his skin
Each artwork he wears – a Maths story behind it
And in between Pokémon characters that grin

So tune in to Tom, see him solve worldly problems
He’ll clean up the oceans and minimise ‘R’
Its Maths yes, but not as you know it – his tagline
It’s time to embark on a voyage and go far!

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