The 26.2 mile F1 Grand prix – London 2021

Tom’s brother, George, completed the 2021 London Marathon in full FIA sanctioned Formula 1 race gear as he set a new world record time of 3:58:00 whilst raising money for the mental health charity Mind. If you are in a position to donate, please consider doing so via the link below.

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On October 3rd 2021, I’ll be running the full 26.2 mile distance of the London Marathon whilst having some fun trying to get myself an entry into the Guinness World Records.

The record targeted is to complete a marathon in the fastest time in full Formula 1 racing gear (complete under layer, suit, boots, gloves, helmet) – the very same FIA mandatory safety attire that a Formula One driver will line-up in at various circuits around the world.

Here’s hoping for a cold one!

The very lovely people over at Aston Martin Formula One Team have kindly provided me with the same uniform that their driver Lance Stroll pulls on on an almost weekly basis (including the very helmet he has raced with over the last 3 races at Spa, Zandvoort, and Monza!!!).

Although let’s be honest I will certainly be moving at a much slower speed than this kit might be used to!

This however, is just the side story.

Over the last 18 months (has it really been that long?) the coronavirus pandemic has been causing havoc with lives. Countless people are struggling with the affects of increased stress, worry, and general wellbeing taking a hit – personally, friends, family members.

At this trying time, people living with mental health problems have had extra challenges forced upon them – extra challenges that now more than ever the kind and loving people at Mind are providing their services to assist everywhere and anywhere they can.

It’s time to give back.

Donate here

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