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Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Brian – 1st year Maths

Cleaning up Oils Spills using Maths

Is school the best place to learn?

Numberphile Pi Million Outtakes

How do Jellyfish Sting?

Bayes Billiards with James Grime (from Numberphile)

Teddy Rocks Maths Essay Competition

How do Stinging Nettles Inject Poison?

Million Millimeter March for MoMath

Tracking Beetles using the Sound of their Wings

Numberphile: Pi Million Subscribers

Perfect Numbers and Mersenne Primes

How does Sea Ice affect Climate Change?

Fire and Ice: Burning Oil in the Polar Regions

Listening to Tornadoes to increase warning times and save lives

Fermat’s Last Theorem with Simon Singh

Airflow around a Yacht Sail

Maths Week England Puzzle Solution: How many people are in Ada’s class?

What is the impact of Christmas Jumpers on Climate Change?

How to catch a Serial Killer with Hannah Fry

How to Reduce Drag when Cycling

Why does shaking your head NOT remove water from your ear?

The Maths of Data with Hannah Fry

The Randomness of a Cup of Tea with Martin Hairer (2014 Fields Medal)

Numberphile: Reynolds Number

Stopping the spread of oil pollution using Maths



Alessio Figalli (2018 Fields Medal) explains Optimal Transport


Numberphile: Navier-Stokes Equations

Building Squid Robots for Ocean Exploration






How do bees carry pollen?

The Heroes of Sir Michael Atiyah





Building bio-inspired vehicles to explore Mars

Simulating turbulence over canopies to improve air quality










How was the programming language Kotlin developed?






How do dandelions spread their seeds?

David Seifert – Oxford Maths Professor

Alessio Figalli (2018 Fields Medal) explains his career in Maths





Leo – 2nd year Oxford Maths student



Sir Michael Atiyah explains his love of Maths


How do citrus fruits create such a strong smell?




Dan – 3rd year Oxford Maths student

Levitating Objects on an Air Table

Diamor – 1st year Maths

How do Insects Walk on Water?







Koch Snowflake








How do Bubbles Freeze?



Using maths to clean-up our oceans

How Strong is an Avalanche?





Brazil Nut Effect in Avalanches and Cereal




Alex Bellos Interviews Abel Prize Winner Robert Langlands

Martin Fourcade: the Science behind the Olympic Biathlon Skiing Champion






Nailing Science: The Maths of Rivers


Countdown Youngest Winner: Kai Laddiman

How to Make Water Music – Slap, Plunge, Plow!

Vortex Ring Collisions and Transition to Turbulence

How does Stone Skipping work?

Air Pollution Risk of Cooking Oil Droplets

How Plesiosaurs Ruled the Ocean using their Flippers

Alessio Figalli: 2018 Fields Medal Winner

2018 Abel Prize Laureate Robert Langlands: Theorems v Theories

Why do Bees Build Hexagons? Honeycomb Conjecture explained by Thomas Hales

Would Alien (Non-Euclidean) Geometry Break Our Brains?

Sir Michael Atiyah Riemann Hypothesis Proof Interview

Sir Michael Atiyah Riemann Hypothesis Proof

2018 Abel Laureate Robert Langlands

Oxplore: Could we live on another planet?

How can you show geometrically that 3 < π < 4?

Equations Stripped: Normal Distribution

Oxplore: Would it be better if we all spoke the same language?

What is the graph of x to the power x?

Equations Stripped: Logarithms

How many ping pong balls would it take to lift the Titanic from the ocean floor?

Equations Stripped: Newton’s Law of Gravity

What is the Gamma Function?

Equations Stripped: Wave Equation

How does Modular Arithmetic work?

Equations Stripped: Maxwell’s Equations

What are the most basic Mathematical Axioms?

Equations Stripped: Calculus from First Principles

What is the best way to win at the board game Monopoly?

BBC News: Maryam Mirzakhani’s Legacy

Equations Stripped: Euler’s Identity

What is the gravitational field of a hollow Earth?

Equations Stripped: Navier-Stokes

How long would it take for an object to sink to the bottom of the ocean?

Naked Maths Trailer

What is the probability that I have the same PIN as someone else?

I Love Mathematics

School of Hard Sums II

School of Hard Sums

Pi Day

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