A Puzzling Journey through Andolore


This following story is designed to let the reader work their way through puzzles of different shapes and sizes as they aim to escape the enchanted island on which they find themselves stranded. Every few days a new chapter will be uploaded which will begin by talking about how one may have solved the previous day’s puzzles. It will then go on to introduce you to a new set of introductory problems and end with a final, more challenging puzzle, which you should try and solve before reading on. There will be hints scattered throughout the story which will help in solving the problems. We strongly advise you attempt the problems whilst using as few hints as possible, though there is no penalty for using them. You are expected to require at least the initial hint before solving the final puzzle of each day.

For some of the puzzles it is recommended to print the diagram at home to aid in your attempted solution. Links to printable resources will be given with each puzzle, and all resources can be found here if needed.

We will include further reading material as well as some further extension problems at the end of the solutions section each day.

Leon Galli

Chapter 1: Stranded


Chapter 2: Zora


Chapter 3: The Lost Logicians


Chapter 4: The Elder


Chapter 5: The Temple


Chapter 6: A Sad Goodbye