Chapter 2: Zora

*Solutions to the puzzles from chapter 1 can be found here*

You explain to Terry the method you found of finding the rotten fig in just 1 round, and proceed with the test. After successfully finding the rotten fig, you proudly hand it to Terry who gobbles it up in one fluid motion. “Ahhh, rotten figs are my favorite. As thanks, I will entrust you with this map of the island and my invaluable company in your adventure.”


The adventurer in you jumps as you notice the neatly marked path winding around the island, ending in what appears to be an ancient temple of sorts. You also notice the brief questions in every corner. “Right now we find ourselves on the shore by the Toucan’s Turf. I suggest we stick to the path, you never know what you might run into otherwise.” Looking around, you realise Terry has a point. The jungle seems impenetrable other than a narrow trodden path disappearing into the foliage. You wave goodbye to the frogs and start your journey deep into the jungle as Terry shouts from behind, “I’ll meet you at the Chameleon’s Creep!”. The going is hard work, dense leaves catch at your feet as vines obscure your vision. After an hour of hiking, you make your way into a dark clearing, empty except for the trunk of an enormous banana tree piercing the canopy above you. A complex system of ropes and pulleys ornament the old bark with platforms spaced every few metres.

“You’ll need to stand on the platforms and work out how far the water weight must fall to raise you.” Terry squawks from above. Can you work out the distances in each case?

Terry is able to offer some hints here, should you need them.

You may want to print off your own copy of the pulley diagrams so that you can analyse them better. You can find a printable image here. [There is no need to print in colour]






The platforms race upwards as the water weights lift you up. As you climb above the rooftop, you notice other trees jutting out of the canopy around you, interlinked by an intricate system of rope bridges. The domed roof of the Temple reflects the sun in the distance. Waiting for you at the top is a family of blue chameleons, all staring at you silently.

“What are you looking at Santiago? And you Rodrigo?” A female voice calls down from the upper branches. You hear the ruffling of leaves and a dramatic tumble from the other side of the trunk before a young lady emerges dressed in safari gear. “Oh! I didn’t realise we had a visitor, my name’s Zora, who might you be?”

You explain to the best of your ability the situation you have found yourself in and that you’ve decided to follow the map. “Well, I may be able to help you reach the temple if you help me out in return. I’ve been observing this island’s chameleon species and found it to be most interesting. The chameleons are all green, blue or red and when two chameleons of different colours meet, they both turn into the remaining colour. Right now I count 14, 15 and 16 of each colour respectively. For years I’ve been waiting to see if they could all at some point be the same colour. Can you tell me how they must meet to do so, or if it is even possible?” You gather that in any encounter there are only ever two chameleons present. Can you help Zora out?

chameleonsYou take some pen and paper out of your sack and give the problem a try. If you need, you can ask Terry for some help, which can be found here.

Solutions to the puzzles from chapter 2 can be found here.

The story continues in chapter 3 here.

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