Chapter 6: A Sad Goodbye

*Solutions to the puzzles from chapter 5 can be found here*

You jump with elation as you crack the last challenge of this island, almost falling out of the basket in the process. You make your voice loud and clear as you read off the code shown in the map.

“1, 5, 4.”

Terry struggles to rotate each gear so that the symbols line up to read 154 and just as the 4 clicks into position, the shaft juts backwards and you hear the chain come loose below you. The balloon starts to rise slowly, and you realise you have no idea how to steer such a vehicle.

“Aren’t you going to join me? I thought you said you wanted to escape?”

“And that’s what I thought, but travelling with you has shown me how much there is still to learn in this place, how many charming characters I have still to meet properly. Thanks to you, I now know where I am meant to be. Travel safe, and don’t let me find you on the beach in a week’s time!” 

You rise up through the hole left in the roof and up into the clear sky. Terry shrinks below you and you feel a swell in your throat as you think of never seeing him again. You can only hope that you’ll meet again some day, in a different land and with new puzzles to solve.

If you missed any parts of the adventure or just want to read it again the full story can be found here

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