Puzzle 6 No Pressure

Lucas Bachmann

The solution to the previous puzzle can be found here.

If you’ve missed any of the story so far, you can catch up on all of the puzzles here.

With access to the hideout granted, Hansel and Bernoulli began sneaking around. They entered a dark room, littered with wooden crates. They could spy a door on the opposite side of the room. However, as soon as they took several steps in, Hansel spotted a slight indent on the ground. Looking at it closer, it appeared to be a pressure pad. It would have probably triggered some sort of alarm.

Thankfully, the letter from before seems to have a bit more about this room:

“Each pressure pad has a number from 1 to 10. You can step from one pressure pad onto another if one of the following rules is satisfied:

  1. The numbers on the pressure pad differ by 1
  2. The number of one of the pressure pads is a multiple of the number on the other (we include itself as a multiple i.e. 5 is a multiple of 5)

You can only move from one pressure pad to a horizontally or vertically adjacent pressure pad.”

Can you find a path through this maze, starting from the yellow square to the red square?

Scroll down for the solution…












After several dead ends, and very close calls (Hansel tripped on a coil of wire and would have fallen face first onto a pressure plate, if it weren’t for Bernoulli’s quick reflexes), the duo managed to find the following path through the maze:


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