Protect Pure Maths Campaign

Tom is very proud to support the ‘Protect Pure Maths’ Campaign from the LMS which brings together mathematicians, policy makers, education professionals and maths fans to make the case for pure maths.

Find out more about the campaign and pledge your support here.

“Einstein’s theory of relativity had no practical applications for almost 100 years until the invention of GPS. Prime numbers had no practical applications for thousands of years until their use in encryption. And the power of group theory in Physics only became apparent with the discovery of the standard model.

Stopping pure maths research because it ‘has no applications’ kills the very nature of what it is to be a mathematician. We study concepts because they are interesting, not because they can be applied to problems today, or even in the future. Although as we can learn from the above examples, they almost always in fact can.”

Dr Tom Crawford

One comment

  1. Why is the sum of all angles of a triangle double the magnitude of a perpendicular angle? Topology pertains to spaces and their incremental nature. How can humanity progress if we don’t strive further to understand the world around us?


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