LBC Radio – Compulsory Maths until 18 in the UK

Tom is interviewed by Nick Ferrari about the UK government’s plans to make maths education compulsory until the age of 18. Live interview with LBC Radio.


  1. Ref.: CompulCompulsory Maths until 18 in the UK

    Dear Team Radio LBC,

    fully content with what has been recommendet by Tom Rocks.
    In General, bringing theory into real life context is key to access pupils intrinsic motivation to learn more.

    This isn’t something new at all.

    Maybe this methodology of teaching has gone lost over time.

    However, talking of Math, there is a saying:

    Mathematics is the Queen of all Science, and Arithmetics is the Queen of Mathematics.

    My current educational background with the age of 53 is Engineer of mechanical Engineering (Bachelor) and M.Sc. Systems Engineering.
    Currently working as a support Engineer in an international programme.
    In the past I was a technical teacher in a training centre, teaching matured people in Arithmetics and Algebra.

    My task to train matured people in Arithmetics and Algebra forced me to relearn both subjects from scratch again to prepare the subjects for my customers in a way that the reason, why the deep understanding in Arithmetics as key to the world of numbers could be made clear to them.

    Interestingly I indeed identified my own gaps in understanding Arithmetics and consequently understood, why I failed in some topics of higher math.

    Primeminister R.S. is fully right in what he wants, because at the end it is on a nation to make use of it’s full potential by providing oportunities to every single child and to support the natural talents but not to forget those who are not so smart, because there shall be use for evetybody and the way, how classes should be assembled, shall allow accelerated development of the good ones for the good of a nations continuity in presence and future

    Thank you

    Kind Regards

    Francis Martinek


  2. I have always this!

    Maths should be compulsory for every student in the United Kingdom. We use maths in everyday life from budgeting to buying your first house. More doors means, more opportunities. It’s worth it, I absolutely love maths, so much so, that I have decided to go back and study maths. Why, because it’s vital and something you need in everyday life, for the rest of your life.


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