Carnival of Mathematics 184 (starter)

For the 2nd time in 24 months, I am once again hosting the brilliant Carnival of Mathematics organised by The Aperiodical. This is your chance to send me anything and everything mathematical that you discover on the internet published in July 2020.

The Carnival of Mathematics accepts any mathematics-related blog posts, YouTube videos or other online content posted during the month: explanations of serious mathematics, puzzles, writing about mathematics education, mathematical anecdotes, refutations of bad mathematics, applications, reviews, etc. Sufficiently mathematized portions of other disciplines are also acceptable.

Click here to submit an item to Carnival 184

Before we get to the main course of the 184th Carnival, here is a little starter to whet your appetites in the form of fun facts about the number 184…

  • 184 is the natural number following 183 and preceding 185 (thank you Wikipedia)
  • 184 is a Tau Number – which means that the number of divisors it has, 8, is also one of those divisors. Divisors of 184: 1, 2, 4, 8, 23, 46, 92, 184.
  • 184 is the difference of two square numbers: 252 – 212
  • 184 is the sum of four consecutive prime numbers – what are they?
  • 184 is the atomic number of the element Unoctquadium (yet to be discovered)
  • 184 is predicted to be a ‘magic number’ of neutrons in Nuclear Physics – a magic number of neutrons (or protons) occurs when all nucleons (both protons and neutrons) are arranged in complete shells within the atomic nucleus. Discovered by Maria Goeppert Mayer in 1948 (shown in the image below).
  • Rule 184 is a one-dimensional cellular automaton rule that can be used for a simple model of traffic flow on a single lane highway, the deposition of particles onto an irregular surface and ballistic annihilation.

No doubt you can do much better so make sure to send me your entries via the link above – happy hunting!


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