MegaFavNumbers: Planck Length (aka the smallest distance in the universe)

If a minimum length scale exists in the universe there’s a very good chance it’s equal to the Planck Length Lp, which is why 1/Lp = 6.187 x 10^34 is my choice for #MegaFavNumbers. The Planck Length is constructed by applying the technique of scaling analysis to three of the most fundamental constants in Physics: the speed of light c, Planck’s constant h, and the universal gravitational constant G. Combining them in the only way possible to obtain units of length gives the Planck Length Lp, which just might be the smallest length scale physicists can say anything meaningful about, aka the smallest distance in the universe.

This video is part of a special Maths YouTube collaboration organised by Matt Parker and James Grime called MegaFavNumbers, which asks everyone – yes that includes YOU – to make a video about their favourite number greater than one million. Full details of how to join in below.

“This video is part of the MegaFavNumbers project. Maths YouTubers have come together to make videos about their favourite numbers bigger than one million, which we are calling #MegaFavNumbers. We want you, yes you humble viewer, to join in! Make your own video about your favourite mega-number. You can think of a cool big number, or think of a cool topic first and hang a mega-number on it. Upload your videos to YouTube with the hashtag #MegaFavNumbers and with MegaFavNumbers in the title, and your video will be added to the megafavnumbers playlist. Submit your videos anytime before Wednesday 2nd September 2020 to be added to the MegaFavNumbers playlist!”

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