Mathematopia: The Adventure Map of Mathematics

Zhaorui Xu

My fellow warriors and adventurers!
Grab your sword and shield,
And then I shall unfold to you
the scroll of the grand spectacle
of the most magnificent terrain of

*Click the map to open it as an image and then zoom in to see all of the detail

Learn more about the World of Mathematics with the Adventurer’s Guide to Mathematopia.

Part 1: Logic, Analysis and Calculus

Part 2: Linear Algebra and Groups

Part 3: Geometry and Probability


  1. […] The ‘Map of Mathematopia’ was created working as an intern over the summer with Dr Tom Crawford at ‘Tom Rocks Maths’. The idea of the map is to provide a visual representation of the first year Mathematics course at Oxford, with the layout and terrain demonstrating the links between different topics. An accompanying guide to the realm has also been published, which adds more detail and provides a suggested route through the courses. The guide can be found here. […]


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