Who is the Greatest Footballer of All Time?

The end of a timeless debate. Dr. Tom Crawford, Mathematician at the University of Oxford, has created a data-driven algorithm to solve the eternal question: Who is the Greatest Player of All Time? Watch to find out who comes out on top!


  1. Hello Mister Crawford,

    My name is Carlos Fernández, I’m a Ph.D. student in Statistics and also a huge football fan. I was wondering if you can provide the data you used for this analysis.

    Best regards,

    Carlos Fernández


    • Hi Carlos, I’m afraid the data is now the property of LiveScore since I was employed by them to do the research and create the algorithm, however, the algorithm is explained in full detail in the video on the LiveScore YouTube channel. Following the steps outlined there and using data available online you will be able to recreate the results. Best wishes, Tom


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