Tom Rocks Maths Summer Placement

Do you watch Numberphile? How about 3Blue1Brown? Maybe you read the Aperiodical or listen to the Maths Appeal Podcast? Or are the puzzles of Stand-up Maths more your thing?

Whatever you’re into, what do they all have in common? Excellent communication…

Dr Tom Crawford has funding for two students at the University of Oxford to work with him over the summer to produce their very own maths communication content. The goal is simple: make maths fun and understandable for all.

Interns will receive training in video and podcast production, script writing and presentation skills, as well as potentially having the opportunity to work with partner organisations such as the BBC, the European Mathematical Society and Cambridge University Press.

The placement will be for a total of 6 weeks (dates are flexible) and will take place remotely. The stipend will be £238 per week* for the duration of the project. No equipment is required (although a laptop and smartphone would be beneficial) and a small budget is available for equipment (e.g. microphones) which can be posted to your current location.

Please see here for examples of work produced by previous interns, including: videos, podcasts, articles, and puzzles. Any new material produced during the placement that is of sufficient quality will also be posted online.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with Tom at All applicants are required to submit a short CV and a sample article (approximately 500-700 words) explaining a mathematical concept for a non-specialist audience.

The deadline for applications is the end of week 1 (Sunday 3rd May 2020) – have fun!

*NB: funding is provided by the University of Oxford and therefore is only available to current students (undergraduate or graduate)

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