GCSE Maths: Travel Graphs (Speed-Distance-Time) Livestream

The second of six livestreams happening every Friday at 4pm (GMT +1) discussing the topics of the Tom Rocks Maths Appeal GCSE Maths series. The topic this week is Travel Graphs (Speed-Distance-Time).

Timestamps for all questions answered below.

  • Can you interpret what’s happening from any travel graph given to you? 1:08
  • Velocity 6 from GeoGebra 2:31
  • Velocity 4 from GeoGebra 7:28
  • Velocity 9 from GeoGebra 10:18
  • What would the travel graph look like for a lap around a racetrack? 14:30
  • How do you work out the speed on a travel graph when it doesn’t have a constant gradient? 22:37
  • What is the geometry of differentiation? 29:00
  • Can you differentiate y=x^2 from first principles? 39:40
  • What do you get if you integrate a distance-time graph? 44:15
  • Is there a geometric interpretation for integration? 47:12

This is part of the second lesson in a new series with the Maths Appeal duo – Bobby Seagull and Susan Okereke – and Tom Rocks Maths where we’ll be exploring the GCSE Maths syllabus to show the world that maths is accessible to everyone!

Watch the video lesson here.

Bobby and Susan answer viewer’s questions here.


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