GCSE Maths: Volume of 3D Shapes Livestream

The third of six livestreams happening every Friday at 4pm (GMT +1) discussing the topics of the Tom Rocks Maths Appeal GCSE Maths series. The topic this week is the Volume of 3D shapes (Cubes, Cuboids, Prisms and Cylinders)…

Timestamps for all questions discussed below.

  • How can we find the volume of a flight of stairs? 1:02
  • If you double the volume of a cube, what is the new side length? 9:37
  • What is the volume of the Menger Sponge? 14:30
  • Where does the formula for a volume of revolution come from? 33:00
  • How do we parameterise a torus? 45:12
  • What is the volume of revolution for e^x? 56:17

This is part of the third lesson in a new series with the Maths Appeal duo – Bobby Seagull and Susan Okereke – and Tom Rocks Maths where we’ll be exploring the GCSE Maths syllabus to show the world that maths is accessible to everyone!

Watch the lesson 3 video here.

Watch Bobby and Susan answering viewer’s questions here.

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