Educators Assemble Livestream

Join 8 educational YouTube Channel creators (full line-up below) as they come together to share facts and knowledge in a Fact Session! There will be five rounds:

Round 1 – Introductions – who are you and what your Channel is about? 1:26

Round 2 – Fun Fact – give us a fun fact about your field. 14:02

Round 3 – Myth Buster – what’s a common misconception about a topic in your field. 33:22

Round 4 – Your Fact – a fact about you, let us get to know you better. 55:00

Round 5 – Famous Fact – a fact about a famous person from your field. 71:47

@tomrocksmaths with Maths ➕

@sciencewithbexy with Physics 🚀

@braincompanion with Study Tips 📚

@gablovestcells with Immunology 🦠

@iamkatharinafink with Languages 🌎 with Neuroscience 🧠

@danny.hatcher with Notion 🗂

@chelseabbiology with Biology 🧬

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