Oxford University Math Professor takes High School GCSE Maths Exam

Oxford Mathematician Dr Tom Crawford completes a high school GCSE maths exam alongside fellow Numberphile presenter Ben Sparks.

Watch Ben attempt the exam here.

Watch Tom and Ben mark each others scripts and discuss the questions here.

Download the AQA Higher Maths GCSE Exam paper:

And the mark scheme:


  1. Good job guys! Just one point…’z angles’ are ‘alternate angles’ not ‘corresponding’. Not sure what was on Ben’s actual script but it looks like that should be A0 if written as corresponding 🙂 (just to even things up a bit!). So pleased to hear ’fractions are your friends’ so many times – I tell my students that all the time and they always groan! We do IGCSE which does have differentiation, although not chain rule as you used Tom. Also we use bar models and unitary methods often for ratios and percentages- it can make the questions much less daunting. Great videos !


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