Oxford Linear Algebra: Subspace Test

University of Oxford mathematician Dr Tom Crawford explains the subspace test for vector spaces. Check out ProPrep with a 30-day free trial to see how it can help you to improve your performance in STEM-based subjects.

The video begins with the definition of a subspace U contained in a vector space V, and some trivial examples for U = V and U = 0. The subspace test is then introduced and shown to be equivalent to the definition. The subspace test requires the zero vector to be contained in U, and any linear combination of vectors in U to also be contained in U. Finally, 3 fully worked examples are shown. First, we show that the x-y plane is a subspace of 3-dimensional coordinate space. Second, we show that for U and W subspaces of a vector space V, the intersection of U and W is always a subspace. Third, we show that the subspace of differentiable functions from the real numbers to the real numbers is a subspace of the vector space of all functions from R to R.

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