Oxford Mathematician explains the effect of Vaccines on the COVID-19 Pandemic

University of Oxford Mathematician Dr Tom Crawford explains how the availability of vaccines affects our ability to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Three main questions are answered using the SIR model for disease spread:

  1. What is the condition for the pandemic to stop?
  2. How many people do we need to vaccinate to reach this?
  3. What happens if the vaccines aren’t 100% effective?

Featuring Gabriel Gallardo – a Particle Physicist at the University of Oxford. Check out his channel PPPhD here.

Watch Tom explain the ‘SIR Model for Disease Spread’ here.

Tom also looks at the effects of spatial dependence with a ‘Travelling Wave SIR Model’ here.

Finally, the effects of an ‘Incubation Time’ for the disease are investigated here.

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