Teddy Rocks Maths Essay Competition: BIG Questions

The second group of essays from the Teddy Rocks Maths Competition are centred on a theme I’m calling ‘BIG Questions’. The competition was organised with St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford and offers a cash prize plus publication on the university website. It will be running again in early 2021 so be sure to follow Tom (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to make sure you don’t miss the announcement!

All essays can be read in full (as submitted) by clicking on the title below. If you enjoy any of them please let the author know by leaving a comment!

The Mathematics of Music

Amy shows us the close relationship between maths and music. 

What is the origin of our universe?

Arunabh teaches us about the Theory of the ‘Big Bang’. 

The Doomsday Argument

Dhruval talks abut extinction events and population growth.

Existential Dread. And Machine Learning!

Harvey and Fabian provide a mathematical answer to the question: how much will water levels rise in the next 5 years?

Using Mathematics to Solve Paradoxes and Mathematical Problems

Jacob discusses some of the philosophical thinking behind mathematics. 

What is algorithmic bias and how can it be solved?

Rosalind takes us through the good and bad of algorithms in today’s world. 

Mathematics versus Reality: the pursuit of perfect representation

Ross discusses mathematical models and asks whether they can ever be perfect.

Psi’cology: The Physics of Psychology

Sonia relates mental health to equations in physics. 

A Wormhole of Mystery: How Does Kirby Stomach It?

Yousif asks whether it would be possible for the video game character Kirby to consume matter via a wormhole in its stomach. 

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