Teddy Rocks Maths Essay Competition: Geometry

The first group of essays from the Teddy Rocks Maths Competition are centred on the theme of Geometry. The competition was organised with St Edmund Hall at the University of Oxford and offers a cash prize plus publication on the university website. It will be running again in early 2021 so be sure to follow Tom (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) to make sure you don’t miss the announcement!

All essays can be read in full (as submitted) by clicking on the title below. If you enjoy any of them please let the author know by leaving a comment!

Searching for clarity: patterns, chaos theory, and nature

Alice discusses how chaos theory changed the way we see the world. 

Are fractals really just a work of art?

Arun explains how fractals give rise to non-integer dimensions. 

Important Theorems in Euclidean Topology

Bobby maps out the connections between some key theorems in Topology.

Fractal Geometry

Dominika talks us through some famous fractals. 

Tessellation, Penrose Tilings and Infinity

Harriet explains the infamous Penrose Tilings.

How Four Colours can help Maths Education

Joshua uses the Four Colour Theorem as a tool for maths education. 

Group Theory, Quarks and Country Dancing

Kira tells us how group theory can be applied to both dancing and theoretical physics.

From Euclidean to non-Euclidean Geometry – a mathematical journey

Mae takes us on a journey through the history of the topic of geometry. 

Geometry and Symmetry

Pratik discusses how symmetry and geometry go hand-in-hand.  

Thinking about Higher Dimensions

Richard encourages us to explore the fourth dimension with an interactive tool. 

Colouring Maps and the Four Colour Theorem

Rowida tells the story of the Four Colour Theorem. 

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